sterling silver drinking straws


sterling silver drinking straws in 8” and 5” lengths. 1/4” diameter. 100% sterling silver

Currently available:

mushrooms, serpent, grim reaper , skull, baphomet, scorpion, mushrooms with snail and fly.

all straws come with a loop attached to  the back and a little s hook charm that may be used to slip the straw onto a chain or whatever you like. 

Add a 20” rolo chain to your order if you like! 

All straws come with a cleaning brush. Sterling silver is safe for use with food and beverages. However unsightly tarnish and beverage material may build up with use. To prevent tarnish, clean the straw inside and out with a little soap and water or toothpaste. If you lose your cleaning brush you can use a pipe cleaner, toothbrush, or fold a piece of wire over a shred of tee shirt cloth and thread it through the straw. Do not allow your straw to sit in water overnight, and do not use in beverages containing eggs. Eggs contain sulfur which will oxidize sterling. 

A little note on sterling silver: sterling silver is 100% recyclable. I use 50%of my own silver scraps when casting the elements for all my jewelry, and the other 50%comes from a local family owned fine metals refinery here in Portland. They make fresh silver casting grain from jewelers silver scraps and filings and old silver pieces and jewelry that are no longer wanted. The straw component comes from a manufacturer that makes sterling stock from recycled material. The metalsmithing and casting process does create some waste, however, if you take good care of your straw it will last a lifetime or longer. And in the end it can be easily melted down to create something new, and start the process over again!

no custom orders available at this time. After August 20th I can make straws in custom sizes. Please email Kimi at with questions. Thank you! 

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