Orb weaver ear weights


large orb weavers span the inside the hoop of these earrings. Hand cast and fabricated in solid Sterling silver.

molded from a naturally deceased orb weaver spider,   Delicate details like fangs and eyes are clear  in the castings

Earrings are 2.5 inches across, 3.5 inches high.

weight is 26 grams per earring.

10 gauge earwires

split hoops are simple to put in and secure for all day wear.

simply grab each end of the loop and move the ends parallel to one another to create a gap. Insert top loop into ear hole. Wires will bounce back, Or can be adjusted Side to Side to close the gap.

the legs on the spider can be delicate, please keep these earrings in a safe place when they are not being worn. Avoid bending the legs or splitting the earring to extremes. Please email me if you have any other questions or concerns 


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