Materials and environmental and ethical responsibility

Since I began my jewelry line I have cast all of my pieces in recycled sterling silver and gold. In the last few years I have moved on to working with contract casters rather than casting all my pieces on my own, I have ensured that the casters who do work for me use only recycled metals as well. I purchase all other materials chains and findings from suppliers who only source metals that are traceable and conflict free, and are primarily made from recycled material.

Over my many years I have collected stones at gem shows and events around the west, most stones were purchased directly from the folks who cut and sourced the stones and some may have been from origins unknown to me. I have learned a lot over the years regarding the impact even a small business can have on fair trade and ethical mining and cutting practices. Going forward I have only been sourcing traceable responsibly mined and cut or recycled gemstones. If you have questions or special requests regarding the stones in your piece feel free to reach out!

All of my priority and first class mailers are made from recycled material. I use shredded newsprint as padding and my boxes are recyclable and biodegradable down to the water activated paper tape. If you find any bubble wrap in your package, this is material that I have saved from packages sent to me that I reused to protect your treasures.  Please reuse whenever possible! In my studio I try to give packaging materials that come through my doors a second life or more. waxes and metals scraps are stored in old yogurt containers, rubber bands from farmers market purchases are used to hold molds closed, and small plastic bags are reused to store stones and jewelry. I save and recycle all the metals down to my bench filings and dust at Portland’s  family owned metal refinery AAA Precious metals.