Jewelry care

I’m so happy that you’ve chosen a pice of my work to add to your personal collection! All pieces are crafted from solid sterling silver, gold or bronze, and if properly cared for will last a lifetime or longer.

I encourage you to avoid wearing your jewelry while d digging in the dirt, bathing, soaking, swimming, cleaning, doing dishes, climbing rocks, lifting weights, wrestling, surfing or doing any other activities that my bang up your jewelry, or expose it to grime and chemicals. Even lotions and perfumes may damage some stones especially opals, and may build up under prongs and bezels and loosen stones. Opals will require extra special care, keep them far away from moisture and oils, they can be quite sensitive! 

Clean your jewels periodically if they get grimy! I recommend using an old soft toothbrush and mild soap. Qtips  and  lens polishing cloths work great too. You can also go to your local jeweler, and they can pop it in the ultrasonic for an ultra quick cleaning. Please do not use jewelry cleaning dips and potions, these contain harsh chemicals that may damage stones and findings, and remove the the dark patina that highlight the details in my work. 

if you do have any jewelry that needs repair, I can do most repairs for a fee, however it is usually easier and faster to bring your piece to your local jeweler for repair and cleaning. I do not do repairs on jewelry that I have not created. If there are any issues with your piece that are inherent to the craftsmanship within three months of purchase and normal wear please contact me with photos and your concerns. If stones become wiggly in their settings over time, this is something that should be addressed because the stone may eventually escape its setting. This is an adjustment that can be made by by most jewelry repair shops. if you do lose or break a stone it is very likely that I have a similar stone in stock, or will be able to special order one to fit in the empty seat of your piece. My email contact is Kimi at


I offer resizing on most pieces within a month of purchase. The fee for resizing is $15 which will cover the resize and shipping costs. Please try to order the correct size however, resizing turnaround may be up to 4 weeks. In some cases if the resize exceeds one full size there may be an extra charge. If you are unsure of your size, you may order a ring sizer in the ‘pins and more’ section of my shop, or any jewelry store should be able to measure your size, or the size of  a loved ones ring at no charge.