Frequently asked questions and answers for you! 

The jewelry I would love to purchase is sold out, is this forever? when will you restock them or make more?

most pieces in my shop are available made to order, or they may be nearly finished and listings may not have been updated. Please send me an email, I can tell you when pieces will be restocked or if I can craft it to order for you :)

Do you accept payment plans?

yes! I am happy to set up payment plans of any amount on whatever schedule works best for you. Available on  most pieces in my shop. Your jewelry will ship out once you have completed all payments.  Please send me an email with your desired payment schedule and the piece you are interested in purchasing. 

how long will it take to make my custom order? 

some customs may take as little as two weeks, but may take as long as six months. All custom orders are made by hand by me, and it is likely that there are a few other customers in line ahead of you. If you are planning on making a custom request that needs to be completed by a specific date, please contact me at least 6 weeks in advance. This way I will have 4 weeks to create the piece and source the stones, allow extra time if we encounter any hiccups, and have the piece in the mail and in your hands at least a week before you’ll need the piece. This timeline will save stress for both you and myself. Special request stones in existing designs will have a shorter turnaround time. If you request a custom order during the months of November and December, timelines are typically longer and special orders may not be finished until January or later. November and December are the busiest months for me, so please plan ahead if you’d like a special order during this time.


I have not received a response to my email or DM, what’s up? 

most of my little business as well as my emails are the sole responsibility of one person, me :) Therefore a lot of the time it may take a few days for me to get back to you. I typically take weekend days off, and sometimes I am far too busy to answer my emails as well as address all the tasks of the day. That being said, I have lots of things on my mind, there is a possibility that I have forgotten to return an email, the email was missed or even even lost, or accidentally deleted in the shuffle. If I have not answered your query within 10 days, please feel free to bug me.


what types of payments do you accept?

my online shop accepts any credit card payments, and PayPal. I also accept venmo and square. At shows and in person I can accept cash. I do not take money orders, and may accept check on a case by case basis. 


Do you repair jewelry?

I only repair jewelry made by me. if you do have any jewelry that needs repair, I can do most repairs for a fee, however it is usually easier and faster to bring your piece to your local jeweler for repair and cleaning. I do not do repairs on jewelry that I have not created. If there are any issues with your piece that are inherent to the craftsmanship within three months of purchase and normal wear please contact me with photos and your concerns. If stones become wiggly in their settings over time, this is something that should be addressed because the stone may eventually escape its setting. This is an adjustment that can be made by by most jewelry repair shops. if you do lose or break a stone it is very likely that I have a similar stone in stock, or will be able to special order one to fit in the empty seat of your piece. My email contact is Kimi at theethjewelry@gmail.com


Can you use gold or stones from an old ring I’ve inherited or don’t wear anymore to create a new piece? 

I love creating custom pieces using your old jewelry! Gold rings can be melted down to create a new piece just for you and heirloom stones can be set into new designs. Jewelry must be free of excessive solder joints, I don’t accept chains or plated jewelry. I do not accept silver jewelry, it will much more work for me and cost you more to have something made from it than it would for my casters to use their own recycled material. I do not accept fragile stones such as opals. Any stone that arrives in my shop is not insured if it is damaged during the setting process, however this is a very rare occurrence, and is typically due to previously  existing flaws in the stone. Please fill out a custom order firm if you’d like to proceed with a custom using your own materials or stones. Be advised that custom orders using materials provided by the customer may take much longer than typical custom projects.

can I have a custom piece made in brass or bronze? 

although I do make some designs in bronze from time to time, I only offer special orders in gold and silver at this time. 


do you offer classes? 

at this time I run most of my business on my own, so it leaves me little time for teaching classes. However, I do have teaching experience and hope to offer classes on mold making and wax working in the future, either In person or possibly even online. Please sign up for my newsletter, once classes are available I will send out more information.