Custom order inquiry form

Please fill out this contact sheet with inquiries about special occasion jewelry in gold. I am a one woman shop so currently  I am only able to accept custom orders for rings, and lead times may be long depending on the project.
Please include your budget, timeline, stones and desired metals in your request. I work in most karats and colors of gold, as well as sterling silver. For a selection of diamonds and other stones that may be used in your one of a kind creation, refer to ‘stones for customs’ page in my shop. There you can purchase the stone you would like to incorporate into your piece. Stones may also be special ordered just for you. Find some examples of pieces that can be customized in the fine jewelry collection in my shop.  I will follow up with you within a week, but feel free to nudge me at if you don’t hear from me, things get busy sometimes!  At this time I specialize in crafting jewelry incorporating and inspired by mother nature, and the creatures that dwell within those spaces. If I feel that your project is better suited to the styles of another artist I will happily refer you to another highly skilled jeweler.

thank you so much for your interest in a custom piece, I look forward to working with you in the future