About Theeth

Theeth Jewelry is owned and operated by Kimi Kaplowitz out of her studio in Portland Oregon. All mold making, wax working, casting and fabrication processes are done  by the artist and each step is handled with great care and attention to detail. All pieces are cast and fabricated in sterling silver or gold, and set with hand selected natural stones.

Kimi studied metal smithing and contemporary sculpture at Moore Coloege of Art and Design. She moved to Portland to work in the animation industry in 2006. Theeth jewelry was founded in January 2014 and continues to grow. 
All images and designs are copyright of Kimi Kaplowitz of Theeth Jewelry even after sale and may not be reproduced without permission

All works  are not available anywhere but directly from Theeth Jewelry, and the following retailers who carry my work:

Portland, OR
Paxton Gate
Altar PDX
Antler gallery
Workshop Vintage

San Francisco, CA
Paxton Gate 

Santa Monica, CA                                                                       Love Adorned

New York City, NY                                                                       Love Adorned

Denver, CO                                                                                       Ritual Cravt

Seattle, WA                                                                                  Roq La Rue gallery